What is testosterone? Testosterone  is a male sex hormone that is important for sexual and reproductive development. Testosterone is the most important male hormone. 

It belongs to a class of male hormones called androgens, which are sometimes called steroids or anabolic steroids. In men, testosterone is produced mainly in the testes, with a small amount made in the adrenal glands. 

Testosterone increases muscle mass. We all know about testosterone’s ability to increase muscle mass and strength. It works its muscle-building magic by increasing muscle protein synthesis.

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Do you know the reason why there are so many options of back exercises?.

Because our back is composed of big muscles.

We know that training big muscles is the key to build muscle fast. It's not a mystery right? If you train small muscles the gains that you can make are proportioned to the size of the muscles.

If you train big muscles you have big chances to make huge gains.

These are 3 biggest muscles in our body
1. Legs (quads and glutes)
2. chest
3. back (lats and traps)

When you train those intensely you will make a big gain because that type of workout stimulates testosterone and HGH production, which is beneficial to the rest of your body.

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As anyone engaged in bodybuilding will tell you, the process of building and sculpting muscle is one that requires intense focus and commitment. A dedicated diet and exercise regime is absolutely imperative to achieving bodybuilding goals. And as important as diet is, bodybuilding exercise is even more important.

Bodybuilding exercise helps bodybuilders trim body fat, build muscle, and sculpt and chisel the body in order to achieve ultimate bodybuilding goals - including participation in competition. Bodybuilding exercise - like any kind of fitness routine - should include a combination of cardiovascular exercise, core work, and weight training in order to be most effective. But for bodybuilders, exercise of this kind is taken to the next level with a focus and intensity that helps them achieve their significant physical goals.

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Approximately 90% of Americans use a drug on a daily basis. This drug is called caffeine. Most of the people who take any products containing caffeine do so to stay alert and increase their amount of energy. It has been tested for years and years, and unless it is abused by taking more than one gram per day, caffeine is a relatively safe product for the majority of the population. Caffeine does have some side effects that probably would affect bodybuilders before everyone else, both in positive and negative ways.

Limited Muscle Gains

For bodybuilders, this can go either way. Caffeine has

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As an amateur, it is necessary to join a proper gym, so as to seek proper bodybuilding tips for beginners from a trained coach. Many times beginning bodybuilders make the mistake of using the routines of professional bodybuilders featured on magazines, when instead they should be using a routine that is geared towards their level. Bodybuilding or even just showing up at a gym can be intimidating for a beginner.

Provided below are some tips that can help you get into body building, and into your first fitness club:

Seek Advice

There is no sense trying to learn it everything yourself when starting out in Body Building. Take some time to talk to others who are more experienced, and learn what you can from them. When using new equipment or

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Recovery is the most important factor in bodybuilding success. We grow when we sleep, not when we're in the gym. Yet many people forget that, and stay up late watching TV or reading, then cannot understand why their bodybuilding progress has stalled. Always get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, and more, when your body tells you it needs more.

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Who agree with me that by spotting someone is the best way to gain new friends inside the gym? Isn't it wonderful that when you walk inside the gym everyone will nod at you?. Now when someone ask you to spot him when he is performing a routine it is very important to know how to handle it properly. Spotting is done by supporting a person during the weight training. But, why should spotting be required?

Here are few reasons:

  • Safety – When you are doing weight lifting, especially bench pressing with repetitions until failure approach, I strongly recommend you to get a spotter. If the weight drops, you won’t get hurt.
  • Proper Form – Spotter may provide feedback on your technique whether you have pushed too far away or your back is not straightened correctly. When you are doing your last repetition, you normally need assistance to get it done correctly. In this case, spotter comes in to help you finish it.

  • Encouragement – Spotter may motivate you to perform better with words of encouragement. I often hear people shouting, “Come on, you can do it!” “One more, one more and you will be the man!” “Another push and I will kiss your ass!”
  • Psychology (placebo) effect – Sometimes, simply touching the bar is good enough to trick a person that you are supporting whereas you are there just to provide a level of comfort for his mind. With a spotter, a person normally dares to push the heavy weight for another few more repetitions beyond what he is normally capable.

Tips of Being a Spotter

  • If you want to be spotter for others, make sure you have the strength to be able to control the weight if that person fails completely. Otherwise, not only that person has the risk, being a spotter, you may get injured too. So, do not try to spot someone who is lifting 100 pounds when you can only lift half of that weight.
  • If you are spotting your partner who is using dumbbell, hold the same place for both hands at the same amount of support of each side.
  • If barbell is used, use both hands too to provide support evenly on the bar for balancing purpose.

  • You do not have to help too much. Otherwise, the exercise may be too easy for that person to complete. In other words, give just enough assistance, not too much, not too little.
  • Normally, you help in the positive phase and not the negative phase which that person resisting the weight force. That person should resist the force by himself so that he can reap the benefits of weight training.
  • When someone needs your help, normally he or she will ask it. So, you do not have to walk around and keep asking whether people want your help. It can be quite annoying. (Of course, if you need that pick up line to talk to the girl, you are forgiven.)

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I can still remember when I first went to the gym, my mother had this perception that only those bulky type of body builders will train with weights and use the resistance machine. She would ask, “Why go to gym? Why not help me to mop the floor at home since you just want to build muscle?”

I told her, “If mopping floor help build muscle, janitor will be the next Mr Universe.” Sigh.  Most people are ill-informed as to how weight training can help them lead a healthier life.

Now, let’s look at the top 4 benefits of weight training.

1) Increase Muscle Endurance, Strength and Power

  • Muscular endurance – You will be able to perform an activity for an extended period of time.
  • Strength – You will be able exert a high amount of force.  In layman words, weight training makes you stronger. It is usually very easy for you to maintain motivation when commencing a weight training program because during the first 6 to 8 weeks of training, your strength will improve dramatically. There is no need to worry that you are putting on muscle way too quickly at this point. These initial strength gains are due to your muscles learning to work more efficiently. In a game or sport situation, being stronger would be an advantage.
  • Power – You will be able to exert a high amount of force in a short amount of time (sound like Physic subject). Being strong is good, but being strong and being quick makes you powerful. When do we need power? When you start sprinting, you need to have powerful legs. When you trip and lose your balance, then being able to quickly extend your leg and stop your body from falling also requires you to be powerful. Netballers, basketball players or rugby players, all need powerful upper bodies too. So training with weights, in the proper forms, can actually make you quicker, not slower.

By having endurance, strength and power, you will find it easier to do your daily living activities such as housework (including mopping floor), yard work, moving furniture, and carrying bags.

2) Increase Bone Density

From a general health perspective, as we age, we lose bone mass. When this loss of bone exceeds a high enough level, it is known as osteoporosis. Weight training has a positive effect on our bone density. It helps combat the effects of decreasing bone mass. If we have more muscle mass and bone mass, we can allow our bodies to be better conditioned as we age.

3) Increased Metabolic Rate

Weight training will help build muscles. Muscles will help you increase the body’s metabolic rate, causing the body to burn more calories throughout the day. You will be still burning more calories while you are sleeping.

4) Feel Better and Look Better

It is a wonderful feeling to feel strong, especially after the workout. Stronger muscles and joints can have a dramatic impact on posture. With good poster and leaner toned muscles, you will feel better about your appearance.

I am neither an elite athlete nor I a hardcore bodybuilder. But, I enjoy weight training. So, the next time your mum ask you help to mop the floor at home rather than working out in gym, tell her they are two different things. Both may make you sweat, but the latter make you better with the benefits I just mentioned. In fact, weight training will help you have more strength to mop floor!

(Mopping floor and weight training are not mutually exclusive. In other words, you still can lift weight at gym and help mopping the floor after your workout.)

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